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Have you thought about bringing a course to your site?
It has never been easier.

​Just 3 easy steps to scheduling a course at your site.

Host or Sponsor a CEU Course
Step   1: 
Select from the list of topics your greatest interest. Chose a date on the Course list or contact us to seek a date from the instructor.

Step   2: 
Determine which financial arrangement you would like of the 3 below:   

Host Arrangement — A course open to the public. 
Locale: Generally, only planned in major metro areas. Fee: No financial responsibility to the host. Facilities receive free seats under an incentive plan.
Sponsored Open Arrangement - A course open to employees and the public. 
 Locale: Can be planned in any location. Fee: 8 hour courses are $5,500; 16 hour courses are $8,500. Additional attendees: Charged at the discounted per person rate of $100 (8 hrs) $160 (16 hrs). Funds from outside attendees are used to offset the flat fee of the course  
Sponsor Closed Arrangement - Same as the above, but a private course, open to company employees only.
Host Form Sample 
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Sponsor Form Sample 
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Step   3:

Contact Jane Boston, Motivations, Inc., to obtain the engagement form. Sign and fax back to us.  You are all set!

  800-791-0262 ext






Review course descriptions & brochures:  http://www.cvent.com/d/gvqn1w/6T


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