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#324 Vestibular & Oculomotor Rehabilitation for Children

Rose Marie Rine, P.T., Ph.D

This two day course provides an overview of evidence based practice for vestibular and oculomotor related impairments in children. Didactic content includes a detailed review of the anatomy, physiology and development of the Vestibular System, the epidemiology of vestibular dysfunction in children, diagnostic and clinical testing of vestibular function, and examination and evaluation of, and intervention for, for vestibular related impairments in children with peripheral (i.e. BPVC, hypofunction or loss) or central (i.e. ADHD, DCD, concussion, CP) deficits. Intervention for postural control impairments, vision impairments, BBPV, gaze stability and more will be learned through hands-on demonstration and training of examination techniques and intervention are included. Case reviews and discussion are used to facilitate application of presented materials.

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