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# 113 Donatelli's Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder


Tired of losing patients over painful therapy sessions?

Learn new techniques to rehabilitate the shoulder with ease. This new edition of the shoulder course was developed from new research and clinical findings, includes new ideas and techniques incorporated into the course content. The use of special tests and a review of systems to distinguish musculoskeletal dysfunction from medical pathology is essential for the clinician. 

This course will teach the therapist those skills necessary in making a thorough evaluation of the shoulder and Upper Q and then design a rehabilitation program based upon the examination findings.

State of the art techniques will be discussed along with the most current research findings.


Instructor: Robert Donatelli PhD, PT


Course Cities and Dates:

No Live Dates At This Time



No Live Dates At This Time


This course is worth 4 CEUs as a self study and 4 CEUs as Live with the instructor.  This will be listed on your certificate.


This course is worth 8 CEUs and Available to Purchase Anytime.













# 113 Donatelli's Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder

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