#116 Cervical Spine Evaluation, Examination, and Intervention: Functional Integration


Cervical spine movement dysfunction, regardless of the specific etiology (chronic or acute disc dysfunction, spondylitic changes, or postural dysfunction) requires an integrated understanding of the processes producing the dysfunction(s) and the strategies to address the resulting movement dysfunctions.

This 2-day lecture and lab workshop provides an understanding of the power and influence of the biomechanic and neuromechanic integration with cervical spine movement dysfunction. It incorporates these components with a dynamic control model for examination, evaluation, and intervention. Content for this course includes discussion of the research basis for examination and intervention of movement dysfunction using the interplay of static and dynamic movement as the organizing strategy. This includes not only the musculoskeletal system but also all 3 components of the nervous system. Additionally, the role of muscle facilitation and inhibition and neuroplasticity are engaged. 

The strategies advanced for examination and intervention are developed in the context of a dynamic control model and work well with traditional approaches used for intervention. Course information is immediately relevant and applicable in the clinical setting. Additionally, the concept and principle learned in this workshop transfer to all neuromusculoskeletal movement dysfunction.


Instructor: Robert Friberg, PT, PhD, CFMT


Course Cities and Dates:

Tuscon, AZ (Body Central PT)  September 26-27, 2020

Raleigh, NC (WakeMed Health & Hospitals) November 14-15, 2020



# 116 Cervical Spine Eval, Examination, and Intervention: Functional Integration

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