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# 156 Sport Specific Rehabilitation (A Lab Course) EBP


Sports Specific Training reinforces Injury prevention. The combination of improving performance and injury prevention in the athlete is the ultimate goal. The course will review, muscle physiology as it relates to strength training HIRT and HIIT and overall benefits of strength training to improve performance and prevent injuries. The importance of eccentric loading during training will be emphasized. In addition, specific exercises types will be discuss including neuromuscular training; ocular-motor and perturbation exercises. What is the difference between plyometrics and explosive weight training? The use of foot orthotics and hip strengthening in preventing injuries and improving performance in the athlete will be discussed and demonstrated. In addition the course will discuss how to train the overhead throwing athlete; Tennis, Handball, Baseball, and Volleyball, to increase velocity, accuracy and endurance. The course will include lecture, discussion, patient cases (video and slides) and lab.


Instructor: Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT, OCS


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# 156 Sport Specific Rehabilitation (A Lab Course) EBP

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