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# 256 Brain and Concussion Rehabilitation: Custom Treatment Plans Tailored to the Brain Injury Survivor


This course bridges the gaps between the most up-to-date neuroplasticity research and practical application in the clinic. Brain injury therapy is as complex as the brain itself, and neuroscience is only beginning to illuminate what works, why and how. The participant should expect to participate in thought provoking conversations about treatment techniques which are supported by research, and long-standing therapy traditions that need to be revisited. Expect to gain valuable insight into cognitive factors as the leading predictor of success, and how function is recovered after injury. Therapeutic interventions you already practice can be rearranged and fine-tuned to push the brain even harder toward repair. Evidence in neuroplasticity, motor control and physiology will be employed to identify problems and sequence a treatment plan tailored to the individual. Hands on lab sessions will facilitate best practice in examination and treatment interventions designed to engage the survivor and promote improvements that translate to daily life. Case studies are included throughout the course with the goal of providing usable knowledge which is immediately applicable in the clinic.



Instructor: Benjamin “Eli” Day PT, MPT, ATP, cNDT


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# 256 Brain and Concussion Rehabilitation: Custom Treatment Plans Tailored...

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