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# 405 ICU Rehabilitation Care… Examination and Treatment Tools for Optimum Results


This course will provide therapists with an overview of examination and treatment tools that can be objectively utilized to enhance intervention prescription and optimize outcomes for ICU patients. Data in the literature strongly supports the importance of early and frequent mobilization of the patient in the ICU environment. However, treating in the ICU can be quite intimidating, especially to the novice and even sometimes the experienced physical therapist. Topics covered will include objective measures that can be utilized in the ICU, lab values pertinent to the ICU patient, lines/tubes/monitors of the ICU, intervention planning and how to mobilize the patient on a ventilator. The course will provide concepts to help therapists to use high-level clinical decision-making skills to ensure optimal patient treatment while maintaining patient safety with the medically complex patients.


Instructor:Kristin Morrison Lefebvre, PT, PhD, CCS 


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# 405 ICU Rehabilitation Care: Examination and Treatment Tools...

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