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#7154 Returning the Injured Athlete to Sports


This webinar will review the concepts of returning the injured athlete to sports using a four system rehabilitation process, which includes passive, active, neurological and metabolic system review.

Information will be presented on how to integrate the four systems for evaluation and treatment of the injured athlete. The webinar will touch on state-of-the-art concepts in: Understanding Normal Physiology & Pathophysiology, Limits of Mobility, Muscle Imbalance, Dynamic Visual Acuity, Abnormal Movement Patterns, and Energy Systems Deficits of the Athlete.

 A more in depth discussion will be the second half of the webinar on eccentric exercises and the benefits from the physiological to the clinical aspects.


Instructor: Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Dates At This Time


Recorded or Live Webinar is $60

#7154 Returning the Injured Athlete to Sports

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