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#7344 Infantile Torticollis… A Softer, Gentler Approach


This course reviews the etiology, of the different types of Infantile Torticollis, learning when to treat or refer back to the physician. The course will incorporate videos of treatments of newborns, infants and toddlers. The instruction is specific, to the side of the Torticollis and the age of the child. The webinar reviews gross motor development during the first year to reinforce the appropriate milestones for active movements that will mitigate the habitual cervical patterns. This course is for the therapists who just graduated, recently started to work in Early Intervention or simply needs new ideas. They will learn the basics of Torticollis. The experienced therapist will have a brief review, learn in a more in-depth way, all of the causes and more efficacious and painless approaches to working with Torticollis children. (Introductory)




Live Webinar Dates and Times:

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#7344 Infantile Torticollis … A Softer, Gentler Approach

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