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# 236 Neuro-Handling for Neurological Patient Treatment…Stretch, Facilitate, Repeat!


This one-day course will discuss the concepts of the physical care and evidence based principals to create results in clinical interventions for stroke, hemiplegia, brain injury, and spasticity. Ready to use skills and techniques for immediate use.


Hemiparesis handling made easy with a focus on the core in lab work including the scapula and pelvis. Lecture and lab information will cover spasticity, UE/LE treatment, and pusher strategies (for transfers and mat work). Hands on labs will cover facilitations, stretching, midline shift dysfunction (pusher), and transfers. Functional applications of improvement and carryover of care will be addressed as well as documentation to advocate for a client. Occupational and physical therapy practitioners will find this course to be heavily lab based to provide attendees with skills for immediately use for effective strategies in the clinic.


Course instruction method includes: Lecture, demonstrations, videos, case studies, lab practice, and question/answer session.


Instructor: Michelle Mioduszewski, MS, OTR/L


Course Cities and Dates:

No Live Dates At This Time


# 236 Neuro-Handling for Neurological Patient Treatment …Stretch, Facilitate, Re

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