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#7108 Lower Quarter with Best Rehabilitation


Clinicians frequently desire to review anatomy after working in the clinic. This 2 hour webinar course reviews the clinical anatomy of the lumbar region and SI joint, along with the hip, knee and ankle. Evidence supported information on motor control principles, physiological principles of healing are included optimal rehabilitation techniques, including stretching techniques, neural mobilization, therapeutic exercises, biomechanics of exercises and clinical pearls to assist participants in creating best rehabilitation programs for the lower quarter. Specific diagnoses covered include low back pain, spondylosis, hamstring strain, hip pointers, meniscal injury, ACL tear, and ankle sprain. Participants will be better equipped to provide the best evidence supported treatment techniques and apply them immediately in the clinic. (Intermediate Level)


Instructor:Marsha Rutland PT ScD, OCS, COMT, CSCS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

None scheduled at this time.

#7108 Lower Quarter with Best Rehabilitation

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