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# 7144 New Concepts in ACL Rehabilitation


This course looks at considerations for improving rehabilitation following ACL surgical repair. The course discusses surgical intervention, assessment, eccentric loading concepts in remodeling collagen fibers. In addition the course will cover techniques to improving the three balance systems somatosensory, oculomotor and dynamic vision. An emphasis on reduced pain during treatment will be discussed.

The course will also cover promotion of increasing knee flexion angles to facilitate hamstring control of anterior shearing forces, and strengthening the posterior lateral hip muscles which help to enhance dynamic balance.  Instruction methods include lecture, demonstration, videos, case studies and question/answers. (Intermediate Level)


Instructor:Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Live Dates At This Time


Self Study Available Anytime

# 7144 New Concepts in ACL Rehabilitation

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