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#7158 Gain Mobility F.A.S.T. with Foundational Muscle Energy/PNF


Patients often present stiffness and painful muscles with guarding and resistance to stretch.  How do clinicians maximize mobility without causing pain while fighting that muscle guarding?  In this course, clinicians will learn application of traditional muscle energy therapy (MET)/Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to manage mobility impairment due to stiff muscles and facilitated reflexes using autogenic and reciprocal inhibition techniques to improve flexibility, stability and function. 


Explore the rationale for using different types of muscle energy contraction types for clients in acute, subacute and chronic stages of stiffness.  Discussion of specific case studies and sample video demonstrations illustrate interventions to improve mobility, strength and function for clients with mobility deficits and/or pain based on current APTA clinical practice guidelines.  Bring the benefit of MET/PNF to your practice to achieve rapid measurable results. (Intermediate)


Instructor:Theresa A. Schmidt, DPT,MS,OCS,LMT,CEAS,CHY,DD


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Dates at This time



#7158 Gain Mobility F.A.S.T. with Foundational Muscle Energy/PNF

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