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#7179 Practical Applications for Practice Management of Spinal Pathology

…Optimal Alignment for Osteoporosis, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, Chronic Back Pain


Includes recommendations for patients with or suvivors of Covid-19


With the focus on Better Body Alignment, Sara Meeks will present this highly experiential webinar on a comprehensive physical therapy approach to the conditions of Low Bone Mass (osteoporosis and osteopenia), Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, and Chronic Back Pain. New to this webinar will be an introduction to the importance of coordination of the breath with exercise. Research and ideas for the management of Covid-19 patients and survivors will also be included. Participants will learn and practice safe, therapeutic, functional movement and exercises that they can take into their professional and personal lives the very next day.

Focusing on optimal body alignment to improve muscle contraction and weight-bearing forces on bone, this innovative, comprehensive, evidence-based, 12-point approach of The Meeks Method has been shown to be safe and effective for many musculoskeletal conditions and other co-morbidities. Participants will be able to ask questions during the presentation and, in addition, will have available complimentary handouts of an Interactive PDF Screening Form, The Re-Alignment Routine and a full-color PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation among other documents.


Instructor: Sara M. Meeks, PT, MS, GCS


Live Webinar Dates and Times: 

#7179 on Thursday, November 21, 2024 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST


Recorded Webinar Available For Purchase Anytime.


#7179 Practical Applications for Practice Management of Spinal Pathology

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