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#7242 Neurologic Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment...  Part II: Interventions for Recovery, Compensation and Prevention



How many times have you heard, “If I could only get my arm to work” by a person with upper extremity (UE) neurologic impairment? In part 2 of this course, participants learn various interventions that will address UE recovery, compensation, and prevention for neurologic impairment. After a short review explaining why, full sensorimotor return may not occur, the focus will be on discussing, demonstrating and problem-solving what works to address neurologic impairment at the body structure function and activity levels so that individuals can fully participate in societal roles for home, work, or leisure. Interventions include manual therapy with emphasis on prepping skeletal structures and tissues (contractile & noncontractile) for isometric, concentric and eccentric exercise with integration of exercises into functional activity. Augmentative strategies such as taping, electrical stimulation, robotics and orthotics/splints are discussed. Examples are provided indicating how interventions can be integrated with the principles of sensory integration, forced use, task specific training and constraint induced movement therapy. Course instruction methods include lecture, demonstration via pictures and videos, case studies (written or video), group discussions and question/answer. If you missed part one (#7210) on assessment of the neurologic upper extremity, take the course to prepare you how to treat differently and dynamically for better functional outcomes.


Instructor: Jennifaye V. Brown, PT, PhD, NCS, CAPS


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#7242 Neurologic Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment...  Part II: Intervent

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