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#7248 Neurologic Gait Analysis and Treatment Part III: Lesions of the Cerebellum


The focus is on increased understanding and application of therapeutic interventions to improve abnormal neurologic gait patterns observed from lesions in the cerebellum. This course will review typical stroke lesions of the cerebellum and describe resulting impairments that may be observed during gait. Using a systems approach, physical therapy practitioners will be instructed how to formulate interventions within their scope of practice and establish and or follow a plan of care to improve gait impairments. The presentation will utilize a case-based approach to demonstrate and summarize application of material. (intermediate level)


Instructor: Jennifaye V. Brown, PhD, PT, NCS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

None scheduled at this time.

#7248 Neurologic Gait Part III: Lesions of the Cerebellum

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