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#7288 Motor Recovery Post CVA


Past research has purported interventions of constraint, intensity, and repetition as key factors to stroke recovery. Stroke recovery, however, is multifactorial depending on the person’s social determinants of health and most importantly, lesion location and the extent of damage, which dictates impairment. The key to recovery and subsequent minimization of impairment and potential for maximal outcomes is to understand the role of the brain in motor output. This course will address the neuroanatomical origin of movement and how it is impacted based on lesion site. Motor versus functional recovery will be discussed. Therapy practitioners will be given the opportunity to demonstrate clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills as they map lesion location to impairment and construct treatment interventions to promote recovery, prevent secondary impairments and compensate for primary or secondary impairments impact motor recovery. Course delivery will include speaker-participant interaction and participant-participant interaction via media sources. (Intermediate Level)


Instructor: Jennifaye V Brown, PT, PhD, NCS, CAPS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:  

#7288 on Thursday, June 12, 2025 from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST 


Recorded Self Study Available For Purchase Any Time

#7288 Motor Recovery Post CVA

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