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#7338 Early Intervention: Techniques for Successful Sessions


This webinar reviews the four principles that guide the implementation of early intervention services and focuses on the practical aspects of implementing two of those principles. It covers functional ways of providing services that are family centered and culturally and linguistically responsive as well as services that are developmentally supportive and promote children’s participation in their natural environments.  The webinar includes effective techniques for coaching parents and caregivers that focus on the family’s goals and strengths and embraces their culture and native language. It addresses ways to establish and build rapport with our youngest clients and their families and covers ways to embed evidence-based language-facilitating techniques into the child’s everyday activities and routines and coach parents to do so as well. In addition, it covers techniques that encourage positive behavior and enhance communication with young children. Whether you are new to Early Intervention or have been working with toddlers for years, this course is for you! Jill shares research-based and experience-driven information on ways to build on your skills and become a more effective early intervention professional. You will gain skills that can transform your sessions and help you be more successful working in this fun and challenging population


Instructor: Ms. Jill Eversmann, MS, CCC-SLP


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Live Dates At This Time


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#7338 Early Intervention: Techniques for Successful Sessions

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