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#7375 The Sensorimotor Foundations for Arousal and Affect Regulation: A Multifaceted Approach


Join Sheila Frick and Tracy Bjorling as they introduce the neurobiological underpinnings for affect and arousal regulation from a sensory integrative and relational perspective. As therapists, we often encounter individuals who are unable to effectively modulate and integrate sensation for the purpose of achieving, maintaining, and shifting arousal and affective states within a range that best supports daily function and participation.

Participants will learn therapeutic guidelines and a variety of sound, relational, movement, and other sensory motor based strategies necessary for designing effective intervention strategies that can be incorporated into daily routines. These strategies can be applied individually to support clients to achieve, maintain, and broaden their optimal range of arousal and affect.  Activity recommendations are appropriate for a variety of ages and environments, including in-clinic, home, and schools.



Instructor: Sheila M. Frick, OTR and Tracy Bjorling; OTD, OTR/L


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Live Dates At This Time


Self Study is Available For Purchase Anytime

#7375 The Sensorimotor Foundations for Arousal and Affect Regulation: A Multifac

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