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#7429 Managing Incontinence Issues for Improved Patient Care: What the non-pelvic health therapist needs to know about the pelvic floor


While rehab clinicians work with patients who are incontinent, treatment plan modifications/ additions often do not happen if that clinician doesn’t have advanced training in the pelvic region. Rehab clinicians who do not have this advanced training may not screen for incontinence, as they feel this is outside of their scope of practice/knowledge base. The presence of incontinence can give the rehab clinician important information and improve overall effectiveness of treatment. Referral to the appropriate provider when indicated is also crucial to the overall rehab of the patient.


This course will review pelvic floor anatomy and the dynamic relationships that exist in the pelvis, normal function of the pelvic floor, common dysfunctions in women that can be related to incontinence, and review the current clinical practice guidelines for urgency and urinary frequency incontinence for adult women (McAuley, 2023). Course instruction method includes lecture, demonstration, videos, case studies and questions/answers. 



Instructor: Deborah B. Riczo, PT, DPT, MEd


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#7429 Managing Incontinence Issues for Improved Patient Care: What the non-pelvi

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