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#131 Orthopedic Rehabilitation for the Lower Extremity


Ready to return your patients to full activities in shorter times safely and reduce their pain quickly? 


While there are many approaches to common orthopedic concerns, this course will focus on proven techniques for restoring function to the Lumbopelvic, hip, knee, foot and ankle after injury or impairment. Lumbar pelvic control and power in the hips and lower legs are essential for improvement in function and the reduction of injuries. The course will review the anatomy and mechanics of the Lumbopelvic, hip, knee and foot and ankle that pertain to balance, stability, and power. An overview of balance systems evaluation and perturbation training with emphasis.          

Several different types of lower extremity dysfunctions, including hip labral tears, ACL rehab, Patella and Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, soleus syndrome, cuboid syndrome, and abnormal foot mechanics will be presented with rehabilitation programs. Foot orthotic intervention and prescription will be discussed. Neuromuscular training and eccentric strengthening will be demonstrated in lab and developed into rehab concepts.


Evidence based evaluation tools will be developed into and extensive assessment of muscle imbalance within the Lumbopelvic, hip, knee and foot and ankle. Implementation of rehabilitation programs individualized according to evaluative findings will be reviewed/discussed and demonstrated in case studies, utilizing the research based findings discovered through the course. Learners will leave with knowledge to implement treatment for these common orthopedic injuries for best results with their patients.


Instructor: Dr. Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT


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# 131 Orthopedic Rehabilitation for the Lower Extremity

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