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# 160 Restore the Core: Motor Control and Core Strengthening Basics and Beyond


Core strengthening and motor control exercises are integral components of any rehabilitation program. Restore the Core provides therapists with an evidenced-based approach to incorporating motor planning and core stability into functional movement and neuromuscular re-education. Restore the Core will not only help your patients flatten their abs, improve their balance, core strength, stability, incontinence and low back pain - but you as well!  Dynamic lectures, audiovisuals, demonstrations, case studies, labs and handouts provide participants an understanding of the theory underlying motor programming and core strengthening exercise, design and progression of training programs, and special considerations for training a wide variety of diagnoses and functional limitations. Interactive lab sessions allow participants to learn and practice techniques to facilitate palpation, correct core contractions and dynamic stabilization using Swiss balls, foam rollers and resistive bands, and apply kinesiology tape to the core to further promote restoring the core - for immediate implementation into the clinic. Come find out why participants love Restore the Core


Instructor: Caroline Creager, PT, DPT


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# 160 Restore the Core: Motor Control and Core Strengthening Basics and Beyond

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