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#325 The Pediatric Brain: Understanding the "WHY" Behind Your Therapy. Applying Neurobiology to Functional Treatment.




This course will provide rehabilitation therapists with a deeper understanding of the complex multi-system involvement of the brain in reflex integration, movement, learning, and daily functioning. The instructor will use innovative and multi-sensory approaches to help participants relate the information to their everyday practice. The first day of the course will focus on the functional aspects of neuroanatomy.


The second day will focus on the interaction between the vestibular-visual systems. The visual system is often overlooked by both  therapists and the instructor strives to provide therapists with a new perspective to demonstrate the importance of incorporating visual dysfunction within their vestibular treatment. The visual system has an enormous impact on the precise functioning of the vestibular system and dysfunction can result in poor performance across all areas of a child's function. Participants wil