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#330 Unlocking Movement Potential…Sensory Systems and NDT in Postural Control


This intermediate-level course, utilizing the NDT problem-solving approach, addresses the critical impact of sensory system dysfunction on client function and participation, particularly in children with neuromuscular impairment. Postural control issues, exacerbated by sensory dysfunction, will be explored through a combination of lectures, treatment videos, and live demonstrations.

Designed for Occupational Therapists (OTs), Physical Therapists (PTs), Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), and their assistants working with children experiencing delayed development or neuromuscular system impairment, this course enhances clinical decision-making skills. Participants will analyze the intricate inter-relationship of function, multi-system behaviors, and single system integrities when dealing with posture and movement dysfunction in children.

Key emphasis will be placed on understanding the pivotal role of the cerebellum, sensory systems, and postural control. The course will delve into the blending of sensory systems with NDT handling strategies, utilizing various video examples and discussions for seamless integration of information. These Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can also contribute towards NDTA re-certification.


Instructor: Gail Ritchie, OTR, C/NDT and Brenda Lindsay, PT, C/NDT


Course Cities and Dates:

No Live Dates At This Time


This course meets the FL Board of PT CE requirements as a course approved by APTA Chapters.




#330 Unlocking Movement Potential…Sensory Systems and NDT in Postural Control

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