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# 415 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUES …Soft Tissue Mobilization for Rapid Functional Outcomes


Have you ever felt like you were chasing around a client’s pain, stiffness and limitations without lasting results?


Do you wish you had more time to work on those chronic tight muscles and trigger points?

Want to achieve functional mobility changes fast and easy with evidence-based manual therapy interventions?


Wish you knew how to use the right tools for the job?


When clients present with painful mobility impairments, they need results that get them moving, fast!. They see the results depicted in the media for Olympic athletes, with therapy tools that seem to create remarkable changes.  How can you achieve similar outcomes?


Instructor: Theresa A. Schmidt, DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS


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# 415 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUES Soft Tissue Mobilization for Rapid Function

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