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#7133 Blood Flow Restriction …applications for musculoskeletal conditions


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has been shown to result in hypertrophy, strength gains, and functional improvements while utilizing low-load high repetitions to encourage safety, minimize over-training, and minimize inflammation of affected areas. This occurs by allowing arterial flow to the desired muscle while restricting venous return, selectively manipulating the physiology of the muscle during the training session. This is extremely beneficial for patients who are in their peak training cycle, injured, or recovering from surgery with musculoskeletal conditions including post-operative, geriatric, cardiac, and healthy populations. It is also beneficial for older adults who are attempting to improve strength, endurance, and independence while minimizing the risk associated with high-load interventions.

(Intermediate Level)


Instructor: Josh McGinty PT,DPT,ATC,OCS and David Buuck PT, DPT


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

None at this time 

#7133 Blood Flow Restriction …applications for musculoskeletal conditions

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