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#7153 Healing Scar Tissue after Post-Op and Post-Injury...Achilles, Rotator cuff Tendon and Ligament Tears 


Are you still relying on old school stretching for improved flexibility? When is it safe to start stressing scar tissue after surgery or after an injury?

This question was asked of me by two Orthopedic surgeons. As a rehabilitation specialist we should be developing the protocols for treatment of soft tissue injuries. This course is on healing scar tissue. It will review how the body heals and will review the stages of wound healing from bleeding, inflammation, fibrosis - scar formation and maturation. The course will review the histological aspects of each stage of wound healing. As a rehabilitation specialist we should understand how to heal tissue. The course will review the healing effects of eccentric exercise, Pressure wave, FOCUS wave, LASER therapy and manual therapy. It will demonstrate through case studies using diagnostic ultrasound how disruption of soft tissue structures such as ligament, tendons and muscle can be reversed. For example, we will review evidence that as a rehab specialist we can heal rotator ccuff tears, ligament tear and muscle strains. We should not be attempting to break up a scar but help it remodel.


Instructor:Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT


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#7153 Healing Scar Tissue after Post-Op and Post-Injury ...Achilles, Rotator cuf

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