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#7180 Gait Analysis & Gait Training: Painful Musculoskeletal Syndromes


If pain occurs when walking/running, then observation and analysis of walking/running is required. Complete analysis with real-time symptom modification approach can be fun by providing significant individual case level evidence of effective, efficient, enhanced patient centered care to solve client’s problems and improve and enhance existing clinical toolkit for diagnosis and intervention of painful musculoskeletal syndromes. This course will utilize smart phone video technology slow motion analysis to identify appropriate external focused verbal cueing during gait training for improved accuracy of motion analysis. Learn how to proactively identify potential side effects, unintended consequences of chosen interventions (gait training, wearables, shoe/orthotic intervention, & adaptive equipment).


Instructor: Damien Howell PT, DPT, OCS


Course Dates:

No Live Dates At This Time


Self-Study Course available.

#7180 Gait Analysis & Gait Training: Painful Musculoskeletal Syndromes

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