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#7227 Vision Cut and Neglect in Neurological Diagnosed Patients


Feeling lost in determining a treatment plan with a vision challenged neurological client?
Have you asked yourself:

• What is the best evidence-based therapy protocol?

• How do you know if you are facing a field loss or a neglect?

• How do you determine visual function when your client is confused?

• How do run an assessment and develop a treatment plan?
Michelle has been in that fog and come out the other side with wonderful, functional, and cost-conscience options to show and share. She sustains that therapy should be specific to the client’s challenge and that requires an astute awareness of the impairment. This insight comes from clear assessments that are revealed in this course, along with functional treatment interventions to ensure successful therapy sessions. Michelle shares anecdotes and case studies that highlight how the protocols can be put in to practice. These stories assist in enlightening the inexperienced therapist and commiserating with the experienced therapist. The course content will cover visual field impairment and spatial inattention/neglect commonly experienced after a stroke or brain injury. Introductory Level


Instructor: Michelle Mioduszewski, MS, OTR/L


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

#7227 Thursday, November 14, 20248:00 – 10:00 PM ET


Recorded Self Study Available To Purchase Anytime


The course provided a large sum of information over a short period of time. The Pre reading material and practice test was a great help in contributing to understanding a vast amount of material in a short span of time.


This was a very interesting course with a wealth of information presented by a very knowledgeable instructor.elp Loved this course! It was one of the best I have taken. So informative & helpful.

#7227 Vision Cut and Neglect in Neurological Diagnosed Patients

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