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#7232 S2R: Strengthening Concepts for Stroke Recovery©


Past research has purported interventions of constraint, intensity, and repetition as key factors to stroke recovery when there are strength or force generation deficits. Stroke recovery, however, is multifactorial that encompasses cognitive, motor, sensory, environmental, psychosocial components and most importantly lesion location and the extent of damage.


Lesion location and damage dictates stroke impairment. This course will define and differentiate strength or force generation. Furthermore, the neuroanatomical origin of strength and force generation will be discussed and how either is impacted based on lesion site. (Intermediate Level)


Instructor: Jennifaye V Brown, PT, PhD, NCS, CAPS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

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#7232 S2R: Strengthening Concepts for Stroke Recovery©

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