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#7254 Concussion: A beginner’s guide to evaluation and treatment


This course is for the clinician who is new to treating concussion and would like to learn more about the evaluation and management of concussion patients. A background in vestibular rehabilitation is helpful, but not required. The class will review the basic pathophysiology of concussion, newly published APTA guidelines on evaluating concussion, and evidence-based tools for assessment of concussion. Additionally, treatment techniques for the deficits found with concussion will be described in detail to give the clinician the tools they need to begin treating concussion patients. The variable nature of symptoms and tolerance to treatment interventions will be emphasized as this is one of the most challenging areas when treating concussion patients


Instructor: Camille Tingle, PT, DPT


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

No Live Dates At This Time


Recorded Webinar will be available for Purchase

#7254 Concussion: A beginner’s guide to evaluation and treatment


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