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#7267 Fabrication of a Training AFO


Research indicated that in inpatient rehab “The largest percentage of time in physical therapy sessions was spent on gait activities” (Jette, et al., Physical Therapy, 2005; 85(3): 238-248, p. 241). AFOs are not issued in inpatient rehab due to the costs and interim interventions such as stabilizing the foot with an ace bandage are not adequate. Facilities do not have access to pre-fabricated AFOs or electrical stimulation units now being used as walking aides to replace AFOs. Focused rigidity casting is widely used in the orthopedic population and can be applied to the neurologic population. This course will provide insight on the use of focused rigidity casting to fabricate training a AFO.


Instructor:Jennifaye V Brown, PT, PhD, NCS, CAPS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

None scheduled at this time.


#7267 Fabrication of a Training AFO

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