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#7303 Improve Stability and Prediction for Children with Hypotonia


The ability to move safely in a coordinated manner requires upright postural control and an accurate understanding of the relationship between self and the environment. This is developed though movement experiences, both successful and erroneous. Children with hypotonia experience changes in body structure, function and postural orientation. Movement experiences will thus alter, and the coordination between the sensory and motor systems become challenged. In this webinar, practical intervention strategies will shared. The format will be lecture, video patient demonstrations for treatment strategies, and problem solving via break out rooms. The emphasis will be placed on practical applications that participants will be able to bring to their practice.


Instructor: Leslie Paparsenos, PT, MS, C/NDT


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

#7303 on Thursday, May 22, 2025 from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST


Recorded Self Study Available For Purchase Anytime

#7303 Improve Stability and Prediction for Children with Hypotonia

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