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#7320 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Verbal Behavior


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a common developmental disorder.  It affects both behavior and communication.  ASD requires a multidisciplinary approach due to the complexity of the disorder.  The course provided real and practical techniques for therapists and parents to employ when working with this population. We discussed helpful strategies based on Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime Model, how to use these training techniques to improve language development and will focus on Verbal Behavior (VB) therapy.  This therapy type teaches communication and language. It is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and theories brought to light B.F. Skinner. This type of therapy allows the student to be successful more often and reduces their frustration by teaching the child that their words are connected to their purpose. It teaches why words are used and how they can help the child gain their desired need/want.  After attending the course, participants are able to gain a more thorough understanding of VB therapy and how to make learning language a motivating task for children.  Attendees can take what they were presented and immediately incorporate it into their practice. 


Instructor: Maria Toth, MS, CCC-SLP


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#7320 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Verbal Behavior

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