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#7367 Why Fuss Over A Flat Foot (& other pediatric problems!)


This webinar describes pediatric lower extremity alignment, and other structural conditions commonly seen by pediatric physical therapists, orthotists & podiatrists. Further, the importance of ossification is identified, and the differences between growing pains and pain related to biomechanical etiologies are explained. Liesa presents the relationship between foot position & core recruitment in a clinically relevant manner. In addition, she describes the significance of history of use & sensorimotor function. Specifically addressed, is how poor alignment negatively affects frontal plane stability, base of support, muscle balance, over all balance, coordination, & postural control. Intervention strategies, including specific considerations for orthotics, are provided.

Course instruction method includes: lecture, picture/graphs, videos, and question/answer session.


Instructor: Liesa Ritchie-Persaud, PT, DPT, PCS


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

# 7367 on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 8:00 - 10:00 PM ET


Self Study Available on June 20th, 2024

#7367 Why Fuss Over A Flat Foot (& other pediatric problems!)

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