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#7426 Nutrition in Sport & Exercise


While proper nutrition is imperative for daily health, dietary demands change dramatically when exposed to the stresses of sport and exercise. This course will cover how macronutrient requirements change according to an athlete’s sport (endurance vs sprint vs team sport) and goals (muscle building, maintenance, body composition, etc.). Reference ranges for nutrients will be provided. Timing of food intake for optimal sport performance will be discussed for a variety of situations (pre-workout, training, after-workout, competition, etc.) Three popular diets (gluten free, paleo, ketogenic) will be examined and how these diets impact exercise performance. Signs and symptoms of common dietary disorders, such as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) will be discussed as well as strategic treatment options. Female specific topics including the impact of hormonal fluctuations due to menstruation on nutritional needs will be addressed. Recommendations for dietary alterations to optimize athletic performance at different times of the menstrual cycle will be provided. Lastly, scientific evidence detailing the impact of 11 common sports supplements will be explored. Supplements will include substances designed to enhance endurance performance, sprint performance, muscle gain, as well as adaptogens intended to aid in the improvement of all training adaptations. After completion of the course, users will be able to write nutrition plans tailored to an individual’s specific sport, goals, and dietary needs as well as identify the signs and symptoms of common dietary disorders. 



Instructor: Colleen N Gulick, PhD (ExPhys), MS, BS (BioE), EIT (ME), CSCS


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#7426 Nutrition in Sport & Exercise

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