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#7433 Diaphragm Rehabilitation for cardiopulmonary patients
…includes after mechanical ventilation too.


This course is designed as handy reference towards learning and refreshing the anatomy of diaphragm. It will also highlight the clinical relevance of strength and function of the diaphragm as a core stabilizer and its role as a thoracoabdominal pump. This course will walk through the positive effects of diaphragmatic breathing which is integral for both mental and physical recovery of a patient after mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is responsible for VIDD ( ventilator induced diaphragmatic dysfunction) thus we will learn about the physical and physiological negative effects of mechanical ventilation and how as PT, OT and nursing professionals we can help minimize those effects enhancing quicker positive patient recovery. We will talk briefly about systemic causes of diaphragm weakness with enhanced understanding using case studies. PT’s and OT’s will demonstrate improved understanding of the importance of posture, role of diaphragm in gait and balance and its key role as a role stabilizer. The course will round off with exercises for strengthening and stretching of the diaphragm in laying, sitting , standing and ambulation through gradual stages of rehabilitation post mechanical ventilation.



Instructor: Dr. Rina Pandya, PT, DPT,


Live Webinar Dates and Times:

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#7433 Diaphragm Rehabilitation for cardiopulmonary patients


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