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#9104 Physical Therapy Practice Medical Screening for Differential Diagnosis Self Study CERTIFICATION 


This 30-hour comprehensive certification program allows the physical therapists to prepare for direct access referrals without a physician’s order through a series of topics offers in a self-study video recording format. The instructional focus is on developing advanced clinical reasoning skills to safely evaluate a client’s appropriateness for physical therapy. The course will build on concepts gleamed from clinical practice.

Participants will learn to identify conditions that mimic musculoskeletal dysfunction. Medical screening procedures that are useful to physical therapists to identify non-musculoskeletal pathology will be discussed. In addition, laboratory and diagnostic procedures commonly used in the medical diagnosis of non-musculoskeletal disease will be incorporated.


Course content includes required and selected topics. (Intermediate and advanced level) See brochure.


Certificate of completion will be issues for each course. A Final Program Certificate of Complete upon 30 hours of training accomplished will be issued for Certification in Medical Screening for Rehabilitation (CMSR). Course is available for 2 years from purchase date.


Instructors: DAWN T. GULICK, PHD, PT, ATC, CSCS and additional Instructors.


Trademark Approved by the US Trademark Office


New Jersey PT Examiners Board Pre-Approved through 2304-54 Jan 2026


Ohio Physical Therapy Association: Approval 24S0953 through 12-31-24


#9104 Physical Therapy Medical Screening for Differential Diagnosis

  • $650 Individual Rate
    $975 Two Registrations - Buy one, get one half 

    Groups up to 20 persons ($325 each)



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