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#9102 Donatelli's Orthopedic Rehabilitation Approach using Pain Free Care Concepts - CEU Package


This 20-hour comprehensive self-study course is changing the professions of medical rehabilitation with the newest concepts, latest equipment recommendations and documented research that supports Dr Robert Donatelli’s approach to Orthopedic Rehabilitation.  Learn new ways to treat your patients in areas of shoulder, hip, ankle and foot which creates results while using pain free care concepts.


Learn techniques that will draw patients to you by gaining remarkable results and more comfortable treatment than the pain and torture approaches that need to be abandoned. Stretching is old school and eccentric loading is the future for improving flexibility and range of motion. The profession is encouraged to embrace the new equipment like the Pressure Wave, the Focus Wave along with manual therapy and eccentric exercises that research shows documented changes in tissue remolding. Replace overhead pulleys and elastic bands with proven approaches that will bring new referrals to you from highly satisfied patients.


The course uses videos that contain, lectures, demonstrations, and case studies along with pre-reading research, and post testing to provide a well-rounded array of teaching methods.  (Intermediate)


Instructor: Dr Robert Donatelli, Ph.D, PT

Course Content: Click on titles to purchase individual courses.

#7153 Improving Flexibility of Soft Tissue Injuries: Post-OP and Post-Injury

#7144 New Concepts in ACL Rehabilitation

#7136 Practical Approach for Assessment & Treatment of Hip Dysfunction

# 113 Donatelli's Pathophysiology and Mechanics of the Shoulder

#7149 Donatelli’s Treating the Foot and Ankle Pain Free


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#9102 Donatelli Orthopedic Rehab Approach

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